Monday, December 29, 2008

"OK, guys, come on ..."

This article in Politico describes some apparent irritation on the part of the president-elect, as he experiences some of the less desirable aspects of the job he's taking on.

As Carol Lee describes in that article, it's likely only to get worse as time goes on.

It happens to every president. Although the needs of the New Media create stresses greater than the ones that faced long-ago presidents.

Of course, part of us feels sorry for him. But it's not as though we in the electorate forced the office on him. He gave every indication that he very much wanted it.

Can you imagine what the scene would be like, around the Cabinet table, if his frustrations were to escalate? If he ever decides that he's had enough, and wants to go back to a normal life, we know he could find a willing successor among the vice president, and the secretaries of state, commerce and agriculture (and maybe a few more secretaries of whatever).

But my prediction is that he will get used to it, and only have the usual level of presidential frustration with the restrictions that go with the job.

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