Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Election

I'm so angry about the election!

No, not just another Republican, frustrated over his party's defeats over the past couple of years. This is more important, and goes back much further.

Sportswriters have elected new members to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Once again, one of the great pitchers of his era, Bert Blyleven, has been bypassed.

What about Blyleven's 287 wins, 3701 strikeouts, and two World Series rings? In addition to that, while Rickey Henderson, who deservedly won in his first year of eligibility, circled the bases more times than any other player, Bert has circled more fans than any other baseball analyst on television.


Terry L. Johnson said...

Agree about the the master of the curveball. He could break it off.

I lived in California when he was rounding out his career (with the Angels, I think) and making some very funny commercials in 1990 (or so).

Henderson was a jerk. It was a great pleasure in my life that he broke the base stealing record the same day that Nolan Ryan pitched his 8th no-no: thus relegating Henderson "below the fold."

schiller1979 said...

That points up his durability, a quality that doesn't seem to get enough recognition from the voters. I remember him as a 19-year-old boy wonder with the 1970 Minnesota Twins. He finished up as a 41-year-old Angel in 1992.