Thursday, February 5, 2009

New New Hampshire Senator

Catching up on a story from earlier in the week, New Hampshire's Democratic Governor John Lynch has announced whom he will appoint to replace Republican Senator Judd Gregg, assuming Gregg is confirmed by his Senate colleagues to be the next secretary of commerce.

That choice is Bonnie Newman, a Republican.

Lynch seems to have found someone who, from his point of view, is the perfect nominee. In that Newman worked in the administrations of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, her Republican credentials are difficult to challenge. On the other hand, she apparently is not ideologically in tune with her Republican future colleagues. In this Politico report, a local pollster describes her as a "Rockefeller Republican".

That is how Lynch dealt with the questions I posed in this post.


Terry L. Johnson said...

Rockefeller Republican = Countryclub Republican.

Precisely the sort of person we DON'T need: The RINO that you noted earlier.

It's time like these that I draw comfort from my CD of, "Reagan in his own words" These are the times of our desolation.

schiller1979 said...

If, for example, she supports the no secret ballots for union elections bill, then she is, in effect, the 60th Democrat.