Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Supreme Court Diversity

Politico has reported on two openly lesbian legal scholars, who are on some of the lists of potential successors to Associate Justice David Souter.

I'm ambivalent about identity politics. Not pretending to be more high-minded about this than I actually am, I suppose I embrace identity politics when I want to, and don't when I don't.

As a gay man, I would see it as a victory for our Cause, to have an openly-LGBT person on the Court. That's the case, even though, being toward the right-wing end of the LGBT political spectrum, I would probably disagree with such a person on a lot of issues.

I'm not sure what chance, if any, these candidates have. I'm still back in the 19th century, with occasional forays into the 20th, in my history of the Court. So I haven't yet focused on 21st century candidates.

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