Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Expensive Chat

One phenomenon that fascinates me is The Club, that consists of the few men (so far, all men) who have been president of the United States. Two members of The Club, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, earned some pocket change this week by making a joint appearance in Toronto.

Here is a report on that, in The New York Times.

I've written about the bond that is generated, even among those who differ in political philosophy, by being among the very small number of men who have had that extraordinary experience. But, to a great extent, all of Washington works that same way.

Washington is a company town. Everyone has to work and live in close proximity to each other. Of course there are disagreements, but the politicians must interact with a certain degree of civility. Otherwise, it would be impossible to work together.

If the Bill and George show comes to your town, and you're tempted to shell out big bucks with the hope of seeing a knock down drag out fight, save your money. It ain't gonna happen.

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