Sunday, May 16, 2010

Senate -- Arkansas -- Republican Primary

Having described next Tuesday's Democratic primary, here is how the Arkansas Republican primary shapes up:

The leading Republican candidate for U.S. Senate is Congressman John Boozman, 59. He has served in the House since 2001. Boozman is trained as an optometrist, and worked in that field before entering Congress.

Here is a report on a poll showing Boozman well ahead of several Republican rivals. The only other candidates showing more than 10% support are:

Former state Senator Jim Holt, 45. After a military career, he was, in1996, ordained as a Southern Baptist minister. Holt subsequently served one term in each house of the state legislature. He lost the general election for this Senate seat, in 2004.

State Senator Gilbert Baker, 53. He has been in the Arkansas Senate since 2001. Baker has also worked as a college teacher.

It seems as though the only open question, with this crowded field, is whether Boozman will reach the 50% mark. If not, there will be a runoff on June 8.

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