Thursday, July 30, 2009

How about a great American lager?

Whatever else anyone may think about today's White House meeting between President Obama, Professor Henry Louis Gates, and police Sergeant James Crowley, there's something about the event that is inspiring punsters to their greatest heights (or is that their lowest depths?)

The headlines listed in Google news include such phrases as "Audacity of Hops", "Brew Ha Ha", "Beer Chaser for Racial Tension", and "Coalition of the Swilling". Readers of this blog will have noticed my own penchant for plays on words in my headlines, so I admire the headline writers that came up with those gems.

In addition, I heard one wag on radio speculate that the one brand of beer that will definitely not be present is Bus(c)h.


Anonymous said...

did anyone actually drink their beer?

schiller1979 said...

Reports seem to indicate that they did, but I didn't see any video of it.

Reports that the vice president became inebriated on Buckler, and started talking too much, are, I'm sure, exaggerated.