Saturday, July 4, 2009

Whither Barracuda?

Sarah Palin's explanation of her resignation as governor of Alaska seems to have been coyly crafted, so that it could be read in either of two very divergent ways.

Is she abandoning elective office entirely, or is she shedding the impediments that the gubernatorial office places in the way of her path toward seeking the 2012 Republican presidential nomination?

Two of her major potential opponents for that nomination, if they go ahead with their candidacies, would also be running as former governors. Mitt Romney has not held public office since he left the governorship of Massachusetts in 2007. And Tim Pawlenty will end his tenure as governor of Minnesota in 2011.

How is the blogosphere looking at this?

On the right, John Hinderaker, who is a strong Pawlenty supporter, seems to kinda-sorta lean toward the notion that she's not planning to run for president.

In the center, Andrew Sullivan also seems unsure. But his tentative conclusion appears to be that this is a move toward a presidential candidacy on Palin's part.

On the left, Daily Kos will never pass up a chance to go overboard in criticizing/ridiculing the governor. No sign there as to an opinion about her future intentions (assuming that they don't really expect her to pick lettuce in Yuma).

I've made no secret on this blog of my opposition to Palin, and my support of Pawlenty. Be that as it may, I suspect she is still planning to run for president. If she really were planning to withdraw completely from electoral politics, I would see no reason for her to be as coy as she was, in talking about it.

The type of vague language that she has used, is typical of potential candidates at this stage of the cycle. She would look too ambitious, if she announced a presidential candidacy 3 1/2 years in advance. Also, presidential hopefuls who have not fully declared their intentions, have a face-saving out if they later find it necessary to withdraw from the race.

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