Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Games People Play

Top Ten signs that Nate Silver has too much time on his hands:

#10: He analyzes the electoral-college implications of President Obama's March Madness bracket.

I'm not really criticizing him. I too have been known to seek out the intersection between politics and sports.

It's interesting to have a president who is such a basketball fan. But will he emulate one of his predecessors, and draw up a play for a pro coach, perhaps the Washington Wizards' Ed Tapscott?

On another sports topic: It's a stretch to find any political connection here (although I can do it; see below) but any of us who are sports fans in the Minnesota diaspora (even we alums of high schools that despised the Cake-Eaters) should find this article in the current Sports Illustrated to be a fun trip down Memory Lane.

The political connection: it mentions a school in the capital city of that state, whose teams are called the "Governors". Not only that, one actual governor played hockey for that school.

Drawing this all together, once the basketball president leaves the White House, how about a hockey president?


Anonymous said...


It might be worth some inquery to determine how many politicians played college sports - not intramurals, but reall competitive sports.

President Ford, of course, comes to mind as a member of the University of Michigan football team. While likely the most athletic of any President he'll forever be remembered as being clumsy and awkward thanks to SNL.

This certainly isn't my area of strenght and would be interested in any add'l insight.

Anonymous said...


I need to check my spelling before I submit comments.


schiller1979 said...

Ford was probably the most athletic of presidents. However, if George Washington had been around in the era of college sports, I wonder how he would have done.

Dwight Eisenhower, Jack Kennedy, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan also played college football.

George H.W. Bush played baseball at Yale, and played in one of the first College World Series.

George W. Bush was perhaps the most physically fit president, but by no means the best athlete.