Monday, September 29, 2008

House Bails Out of the Bailout

I have been searching in vain for the complete details of the roll call vote in the U.S. House today, that rejected the financial bailout bill.

But I have found the breakout by party:

Yes 205: 140 Democrats and 65 Republicans
No 228: 95 Democrats, and 133 Republicans

The fact that such substantial percentages from both parties voted against it, probably reflects the criticism that has been issuing from both left and right, that the bill represents, respectively, aid to fat cats, and socialism.

40.4% of Democrats voted against the bill, and 67.2% of Republicans did likewise. It doesn't say much for the clout of the lame-duck Republican president, but that's to be expected. Perhaps more telling is the failure of the Democratic House leadership to keep many of its members in line.

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