Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Latest Polls

Gallup daily tracking poll shows a sizable Obama lead (50% to 42%), but not a large bounce from the Democratic convention. We'll see if McCain gets any bounce from his convention.

Conventional wisdom is that a nominee generally doesn't get a positive bounce from his choice of a running mate. However, I've been interested to see whether there would be any negative poll impact from his choice of Gov. Palin. So far, those Gallup numbers don't indicate a significant negative reaction.

It turns out that I was a bit off the mark, when I earlier described Palin as being scandal-free. She is not implicated in the corruption scandals in which Sen. Ted Stevens and others have been accused of wrongdoing. However, she has been accused of attempting to get her brother-in-law, who is a state employee, and is in the process of divorcing the governor's sister, fired. Then, of course, there is the pregnant-daughter issue, which does not seem to be harming Gov. Palin.

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