Sunday, September 21, 2008

Presidential Election -- Nevada

Electoral votes: 5

2004 result: Bush 50%, Kerry 48%

2000 result: Bush 50%, Gore 46%

Most recent Democratic win (1996): Clinton 44%, Dole 43%, Perot 9%

African American percentage: 7.9% (national average is 12.8%)

Link to polls in Real Clear Politics

The race is very close in Nevada. The polls indicate no clear lead for either candidate.

As you can see from the figures quoted above, the presidential race in that state has been very close in the last three elections.

Nevada's population has been growing at a fast pace in recent years, especially around Las Vegas. However, the housing slump indicates that that growth might, temporarily at least, be slowing down. Be that as it may, the influx of people that Nevada has experienced, makes it difficult to know whether the future will resemble the past. The November result is impossible to predict, right now.

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